Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Crash and The Basic Rule of Cycling

So Tuesday night I went out and did the usual Scott's ride. And besides figuring out my frozen foot dilemma.  It was a pretty generic ride.

We had decided to take the north loop, but backwards for something a little different (I know! You don't want to party with us. We're crazy!). I pulled as we were headed out of town. It was cold but dry and really  a pretty decent night to be out on two wheels. As we got to one of the regroup points I pealed off and went to talk to one of my friends in the back. We had one more regrouping area before we got back into town. All was right with the world. Until....

We were just coming into north Kiezer and I was towards the front of the main group. About five people had created a bit of a gap (maybe 20 yards). And one of the regulars was next to me and about to put in an effort to catch the back of the group ahead. I told him not to worry about it and we would catch (The consistency of people holding a high speed in this group doesn't last long.).

He started to explain that he wanted to get in a little sprint. And as he was doing that he started to drift to the center of the road. Simultaneously, another guy, who was across the yellow line (which I would have chewed his ass about had he not crashed. And I told him so later.) was coming up on his left.  This criss cross action. Not to be confused with these guys~

Caused an over lapping of wheels. And the guy that was next to me went down and then (after a serious death wobble) the guy who was across the line went down too.

I really don't think the blame could be placed on either one of them individually. I think it was a mutual cock up.

Luckily both guys rode their bikes away from the accident. I'm sure they're sore and scrapped up. But it didn't appear any permanent damage was done.

In my mind this gets back to the basic rules of cycling in a group. More specifically the first rule~ Always ride in a predictable manner. As Muzzin says from American Flyers, "Hold your line man!"

It always amazes me how quickly a bike ride can go from a great time to a squirrelly mess in a matter of a twinkling (2.5 seconds).

So the lesson to learn here boys and girls is to  relax, have fun, but pay attention and hold your line.

Or Muzzin may try and push you off the cliff of cycling nirvana. I'm just saying...

Rubber side down,

Big E

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  1. nice tip for group rides ... love your blog, Big E! nice work!