Thursday, September 29, 2011

National Coffee Day!

Today is National Coffee Day or it appears Interantional Coffee Day if you're not in the country.

I've often been interested in the direct correlation with coffee consumption and bicycle riding.

There is the obvious legal stimulant caffeine that is in your coffee. But there is also a lot choice, strongly held beliefs even, in how it should be consumed (Non-fat mocha or a straight double shot for me please...).

Much like how someone likes to have their bike setup, what type of terrain they like to be on. Or hell, even what type of bike they like to be on!

Most of these conclusions are made either over time, trial and error. Or what others think. Whether that's critics, authors or peers. But ultimately we all come to realize what sort of coffee drinker we are.

I can't count how many rides/races of done that had some stop at a coffee shop or stand. Sometimes it's even the whole point of the ride.

I have a favorite coffee shop over in Amity, Or. And I have on more than one occasion wrapped an entire ride around just going out there enjoying a double shot of espresso and then taking the long way home to enjoy the brain buzz and conversation with my riding partners. Nothing but good stuff....

So please. Take a moment, go out and have a cup of joe. Enjoy what appears to be one of the last truly beautiful days of summer (Okay, I know it's fall. But while it feels like summer that's what I'm going to call it.) And get out on your bike and ride.

Rubber side down,

Big E 

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