Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Being Thankful

I'm thankful for:

Two legs to pedal with.

The sound of a group riding down the road.

The smell of freshly cut hay fields cooling down from a hot summer day.

An ice cold beer after a long ride.

That completely empty feeling after a race is finished. Like you have no more to give.

The whir that deep dish carbon wheels make.

The sound of my heart in my ears. Telling me that I'm at my threshold.

Knobby tires in dirt.

Talking and laughing with my teammates before and after a race.


Discovering a new road to ride on.

Mastering a skill.

Riding tandem with my wife.

Imparting some wisdom to someone new.

Watching a child get their first bicycle.

Having philosophical discussions at the bike shop.

Rolling out in the rain.

The sound of wind blowing through the pines as I climb.

An espresso at the turn around of a ride.


My team.

That the strongest doesn't always win.


For wind to make me stronger.

For climbing to make me slow down.

For down hills to make me go faster.

A safe wheel in a sketchy group.

My local bike shop.

My friends.

The best group of people anyone could as to ride with.

That I'm always learning.

But Most of all. My wife and kids...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Rubber side down,

Big E