Monday, February 9, 2015

Flow and Being In The Zone

The Buhhdist idea of walking meditation has been around for a long time. It teaches us to be mindful of things around us but also of our own person. What we are doing with our bodies and how it is effecting us.

This is a concept that I've thought a lot about recently. But inparticular how it translates to the bicycle.

The terms "flow" and being "in the zone" come to mind specifically. I believe that this is the merging of action and awareness, the loss of self-consciousness, and it creates an altered sense of time (A slowing down.). It's an elusive space to be in. One that isn't sustainable. But is continually sought after by those that have been there. It's the closest to a blissful out of body experience that I can think of without taking mind altering substances.

I don't want this to sound all new wave hippy (Too late...). But I would argue that a big part of what we as cyclists are after is that state. Sure, we are riding our bike to get exercise. Perhaps being social. Or maybe even a little bit of precious alone time. But mixed in there. Weather it is at the fore front of our minds or perking away on the back burner. Is that feeling of concentration, that singular thought of you, bicycle and the road or trail.

All the stress from the day. All the problems at work or home. All the pressures melt away. And there is just you, your breathing, your legs turning, the wind on your face, the spinning of the tires and the road rolling out in front of you.

What a truly wonderful place.

As you become less and less aware of the ambient noise of life. The greater the chances of reaching a state of flow becomes.

Sometimes you just kiss it. A brief few seconds and it's gone. Other times it can last incredibly long. But never more than a few hours. Once you remove one portion of the equation it crumbles. Like a house of cards and then you get to go hunting for it again.

But isn't that half the fun?

Thanks for reading.

Rubber side down,

Big E 

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