Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some Great Cycling Books

I have this little guilty habit of buying really cheap books on Amazon. I can't help it! When I see a cycling book that peeks my interest and its only a dollar. They just magically seem to appear at my door step in a couple of days. Its weird!

So seeing as how the dark and cold winter nights are fast approaching. And with a friend bringing up warm fires and fuzzy slippers to me (Hi Cynde!) with yesterday's post here. I thought it might be kinda fun to talk about some of my favorite cycling related books to read while you are laying down next to that fire. Hopefully you have an adult libation as well as a significant other (or at least a dog) to lay with while you read.

Lance Armstrong's War

This is written by Dan Coyle. An interesting view into the mindset and what it takes be a champion. It doesn't always paint Lance as a nice guy. But I think it is probably the most accurate depiction of the man as a whole (or at least I get the feeling).  Also a really, and maybe even a little scary look at a budding Floyd Landis. Well written and intriguing to boot. I would recommend this one to anybody.

A Dog in a Hat

Written by Joe Parkin (now the Editor of Bike magazine). This a really good book about what the work-a-day European pro cyclist had to go through in the eighties. He gets into the unglamourous side of cycling and what it takes to survive. Let alone thrive. Awesome stuff.

The Quotable Cyclist

By Bill Strickland. The best bathroom book EVER! Full of inspiration and witty anecdotes. Just a lot of fun. Any cyclist of any level should own this book.

Its Not About the Bike. My Journey Back to Life

By Lance Armstrong and Sally Jenkins.  It is a pretty compelling story. Regardless of which side you fall on the Lance fence. While it can be a little sappy at times and it gleans over some of the more bike-centric parts of racing for the sake of a bigger audience. Its still a good read.

From Lance to Landis

Written by David Walsh. This covers the dark and murky areas of American cycling. Since this was written before Landis's confession it adds a whole new resonance to what happened before and after. I read it with a grain of salt. But it is sure to conger up an opinion one way or the other. Tread carefully...

A Significant Other

Written by Matt Rendell (Also from The Real Peloton)

Its a story of Victor Hugo Pena a man who held the leaders jersey in the Tour de France while in the service of Lance Armstrong's bid for the 2003 victory. Again this book also has some real interesting views of what it was like being part of the Blue Train. But also a lovely story about a guy breaking out and away form very humble beginnings.

Bobke II

Written by Bob Roll (aka Bobke. The nickname is explained in the book). This is a well written book that's all over the place. But entertainingly done the whole time. Bob Roll is a maverick in every sense of the word and this book chronicles some of those exploits. But really how could you ever actually contain all that is Bobke into a book!? It just can't be done.

So that's only a few. I'll maybe pick this subject up another day. I hope you all get a chance to read at least a couple of these and enjoy them. I know I did.

Rubber side down,

Big E


  1. Gees, where to start. I've not read any of them. Thanks for the insight.

  2. I would go with Lance's War first. Then A Dog in a Hat. Just my opinion. They are all good. :)