Thursday, October 28, 2010

Those Crazy Austrailians

Rene Haselbacher was a bit stunned after his kangaroo encounter mid-race

I've always heard that those Australians were crazy. But after reading about and looking at photographs from the Crocodile Trophy I'm convinced of it.

Doing a 10 stage mountain bike race in Northeastern Australia is crazy. A bagillion (that's a lot in case you were wondering) miles away from everything. Where you are in the lap of luxury after every stage. A beautiful pup tent, a mat, a sleeping bag, and a free kangaroo to keep you warm (sign me up!) every night.

But that isn't really the greatest part of it all. The best part is being involved in all the new genres of the sport.

Take these for example:
The peloton is passed during stage 6.

You get to play chicken (Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome style) with on coming traffic (Who runs Barter town!?).*

The riders had to go under an fence

Since this is cyclocross season and Australia is on the underside of the world. I guess it only makes sense that they would go under the barriers instead of over them. I think we should all try this style! I can see all the skills clinics out there teaching dismount and mounting techniques along with limbo lessons. It's perfect!

A line of racers through Granite Gorge

Now this is the type of racing I could get into. It's like walking your dog, only it's your bike. I like it! In fact this may be the best type of racing for me. I've got mad skillz with a shopping cart at the store (just ask my wonderful wife). And really how much different could it be!? I mean besides the climbing and nature and all. It's practically identical!

So who's with me!? Let's take our ques from our good mates down under and give these things a try! *

*Please don't actually go out and play chicken with traffic. I tried it once and it ended very badly. Not recommended. Also, if you are still going to go out and play Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome remember grab as many of the weapons off the dome as possible. It's the only way...

Rubber side down,

Big E

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