Monday, August 8, 2011

The Blackberry Bramble

Much like J here, I also had wood. I had a gigantic pile of wood for the Blackberry Bramble. Don't believe me? Just look here....

See, I told you.

Not only that. But this is seriously Noti wood. I know, because I stopped by the Noti Pub and asked them. 

The Blackberry is a ride that we have ridden for the past several years (4-5?). And it's always enjoyable.

This year we had a rag tag bunch from the Scott's group that came down for the festivities.

Here are part of them. I was trying to get a picture of all of their jerseys. But instead it turned out more like they were perplexed by the sight of the dike at the reservoir (How's all that water stay in there?).

Those of us who had them wore our Pacific Source kits (You know, because we rock like that.). I was surprised how many questions and comments we got about them. It wouldn't have surprised me to see some people from Kiezer Permanente or Blue Cross hop out of the bushes and want to rumble like in Westside Story.


But alas it didn't happen.

But what did happen was a lovely ride with a bunch of lovely people.

I really like the roads out west of Eugene. Very picturesque country scenery and very good (Except on one climb.) road surface.

The drivers were even kind for the most part. Happily waiting for us to roll through. One of the classic ironies of cycling is that if you stop and wait at a stop sign for a car.  9 out of 10 times they will wave you through. But if you roll (Slowly) through a stop sign before they get to the intersection they get pissed! It's weird, but true.

We managed to keep the group together for the whole ride. Which for us, is quite the feat.

In fact I have but one regret. At the first stop there was the most rare of rare sightings. It was like seeing a snow leopard in the wild. It was the "Uber Fred". Picture in your mind... Heavy set man, t-shirt under his salt crusted bib shorts (I don't think he had washed them.) male pantie lines clearly visible, industrial sized fanny pack, visor on his helmet, with optional rearview mirror and a serious extension on the stem of his bike. He was truly breath taking.

I unfortunately think he felt my presence and scurried away before I could snap a photo. So I only have eye witness reports from two of our group and my own fond memories to tied me over in the hunt for such elusive creatures. Sigh.... Oh well. I can only keep up the search. And perhaps next time get lucky enough to get a picture.

Anyway, we had a great time. Followed by great beer at the Ninkasi Brewery. I can honestly say that Ninkasi is only one of three breweries that I have ever liked every beer that I've tried from them (HUB and Pelican are the others. If you were curious....).

Unfortunately they didn't have any food at the brewery. So after much debate we found some good food as well.

The word for the day.


Rubber side down,

Big E

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