Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Cycling Gift Ideas: The Bigger Stuff

I have been amazed at how many people I've talked in the last week or so that said that they haven't even started their Christmas shopping yet. So when my instincts told me that it was probably to late to put out a part two to the list. I just told my instincts that they had shit for brains and I was going to do it anyway (I'm a rebel like that.) So just to give everyone a bit of fair warning. The last list that I came up with was the smaller, less expensive gifts. But this list is going to have larger, more expensive stuff on there. Not to say everything is ridiculous. But it definitely leans towards the hundreds versus tens. You've been warned...

So here we go.

1. Lezyne Multi Tool

Pure pretty in a tool.
My super hot smoking wife got me one of these last year for Xmas and I love it. Has one of the best chain tools I've ever seen on a multi tool at any price. $25-45

2.Bontrager Glo and Ember Blinky Lights

A super hand dandy light.

The Glo (Head light) and Ember (Tail light) are really convenient "be seen" lights that strap onto just about anywhere. They are very simple. Run on one 2232 battery. And have a solid or blinking mode. Good stuff. $12 each

3. Feedback Sports Elite Work Stand

This is the best portable bike stand on the market. Period. It's light, works flawlessly and can take a lot of punishment. Honestly one of my favorite bike tools. A little spendy. But totally worth it if you like to wrench. $225
4. Lemond Revolution Trainer

The Lemond Fitness Revolution trainer has taken the traditional trainer and put it on its ear. No longer do you have to wear out tires spinning away in your basement. Or worry about your race wheels while warming up before the big day. It's a clever design. Very stable. And while a little more than a lot of the trainers out there. They at least didn't price themselves out of the market at $500.

5. Campagnolo "Big" Corkscrew

It occurred to me on the last list that I was giving the beer drinker on the list a pretty cool present. But completely ignored the wine connoisseur. But no more! The "Big" Campagnolo corkscrew is like the holy grail of wine openers. It's big, beautiful, and Italian. And it comes in a really cool box. All this for the bargain price of $170 (What did you expect!? They're Italian.)

6. Banjo Brothers Commuter Backpack

Commuter Backpack, Large
This backpack is waterproof, has a cavernous main compartment that has a liner to keep your things dry. A side pocket for a U-lock and several smaller pockets for little things. The two vertical stripes are reflective material and it is designed to hang low enough on your back so you can look back to see the street and not just more backpack. $90

7. Yakima Holdup Bike Rack

The Holdup rack is a hitch mounted rack that lets you keep all the wheels on. As well as the rack never touching a painted surface. It can fit BMX, road, 26" and 29" MTB tires all groovy like. And it's got a bottle opener. Nuff said... $400

8. Custom Built Wheels

This is Sugar Wheel Works up in Portland
There is nothing like a set of custom built wheels. I would encourage anyone who is interested to build their own. It is a trick process to do. But very gratifying and totally worth it.

If that's not your cup of tea. Have a professional build them up with the components that you select. Please use your Local Bike Shop (my LBS) whenever possible.  If not, someone like Sugar Wheel Works are caring and thorough.  $500 +

9. Bicycle Tool Set

A tool set like this one from Park Tools will let you tear down and build up just about any bike. It may not have every tool you'll ever need. Things like cup presses and derailleur realignment tools. But it will take care of 99% of it. $207

10. Coaching

That's my coach (Omer Kem)  up front. And another great coach right behind him (Graham Howard).
 Coaching is one of those things that you get out of it what you put into it. But that being said. If you need encouragement, have a real desire to improve and are disciplined. Coaching is an great thing to get the best cyclist out of you.  (Price really depends on what sort of package you want.)

So theres list number two! I hope it saves some one's bacon for a last minute Christmas present for the cyclist on your holiday shopping list.

Thanks for reading.

Rubber side down,

Big E

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