Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Miss Placed Wings and The Winter Solstice

I spent most of yesterday afternoon in the ER with Brison "Superman" Monroe getting him patched up after a jump gone wrong up at Black Rock Mountain Bike Park.

The arm bone thingy should be up near the shoulder blade thingy...
He's doing okay all things considered. It took a long time for Andrew (His brother and EMT for the day.) to get him down the hill and to the hospital. But he did a great job in making sure his brother got there safe and still in one piece.

Once he got to the hospital B had to wait a long time to get fixed. They had to wait for the results from the ton of x-rays they took to make sure nothing else was wrong. Along with making sure he was doped up enough to pop it back into place.

The nurses and doctors did a wonderful job and I thank them for patching the boy back up. I'm sure he'll be able to fly another day. Just not in the near future....

B still groggy from the doctor putting his arm back into place.
 Please take a moment and watch the most excellent video stylings of the Brothers Production Company LLC:

Hopefully his bike won't look like this next time.

So that was the excitement for the week (Hopefully)...
 But I wanted to talk about the Winter Solstice too.

Today is the shortest day of the year. Less and less light has shone through our windows. Giving us that much needed vitamin D and kept up our sunny domineers. Long shadows have been cast out on the roadways and trails as we go for rides. Which is simultaneously beautiful and sad.

I've often said that I can handle the rain and cold of Oregon winters but I sure wish it could be light as long as it is in the summer time. That would be awesome!

But we don't have to think about that as much now. Because it's only going to get more light from here.

Happy Winter Solstice everybody...

Summer here we come!

Rubber side down (That means you too Brison...),

Big E


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