Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Cycling Hodgepodge

There has been a lot of cycling related stuff going on lately. But quite frankly, trying to find time to write about it has about as difficult as finding reality tv that I give a shit about (Pretty difficult...). So first things first.

The Strawberry Century was this last weekend. This would probably be the spot that I put a few nice photos of the ride with witty comments underneath them. But I forgot to take any... Sorry.  So here is a pic of cute puppies (You can't be irritated when you look at puppies. It's a scientific fact...)

You can't be mad while looking at this... (Don't make me show an ice cream cone too!)

The ride itself was a lot of fun. We had a pretty large group that had some difficulties in staying together. But the natural equilibrium was eventually found and we had a jolly good time.

Some of us rode the 50, others the 75, and a couple the 100. Which meant that people ebbed and flowed through the group depending on what was going on. I chose to do the 50 because it catches 70% of the prettiest scenery and I didn't feel like riding a long way. Meh. I'm lazy I guess...

I really enjoy this ride for several reasons but I think the biggest is the route. Its along lovely country roads that haven't been destroyed by chip seal. You see rivers, fields, lakes and beautiful rolling terrain. Just a really great place to ride a bike. If you have the chance, I'd highly recommend it.

Fast forward to Tuesday evening...

Tuesday was the second evening in  Eugene Twilight Crit Series. Thomas and I headed down to get the first crit race of the year (For us anyway.) under our belts. It was pretty great to turn the pedals in anger again.  I'm not to the point where I can really put myself into the pain locker yet. Has anyone else experienced that? It's like your not even strong enough to really hurt yourself. Its an interesting phenomena. I would say I'm more fat fit. I can go quick. I just don't have the real speed that comes with being lean and I don't think I'm going to get there very soon (Damn you Cold Stone!!!) But I digress...

It was still a barrel of monkey's in a sidecar. I ended up 18th because of a guy who decided that laying himself and his bike down on the ground through the final corner was a good idea. I will never understand why there always seems to be a wreck in the final corner of a 4/5 race. It's like death and taxes. It's going to happen... Everyone gets to excited I guess.

Anyway, I was okay with that (18th) considering the circumstances. Thomas did awesome with a 9th! He was looking strong all night long. So I figured he would do well. He went around the outside in the final corner and managed to avoid the guy throwing a yard sale in the middle of the group.

I'm excited to go down and do some more races there. Hopefully some speed and semblance of form will come with the next few. The average for this race was 24 mph. Which is pretty fast for us slow guys. But I'd like to feel like I'm part of the race instead of pack fodder. 

Well I know this is a quicky. I'll have more tomorrow.

Perhaps something more will show up about Andy Schleck not doing the Tour de France this year. Or USADA finally putting some charges up against Lance. Looks like a lot is going on.

Until then....

Rubber side down,

Big E


  1. Did I read that correctly? 24mph average? Amazing!!! You guys are a couple of FF'ers (fast f'ers) kenny p.

    1. Thanks Kenny! Yeah it felt fast. There were a couple times that hurt a lot. You just have to remember that it won't last forever and gnaw on the stem until it eases up. :)

  2. good thing that lapierre went to someone that could actually make it go fast! great job thomas and earl.johnny p

    1. Oh Johnny. It was way fast under you too man! But he does love it. I told him he doesn't have any excuses now...