Friday, June 1, 2012

A Cool Video

This is a video about Donald Reed. He's a Salem local legend and all around swell guy.

Donald has spent many years as a professional cyclist (Road, MTB and Cyclocross) and now is giving triathlons a try. With quite a bit of success I might add. He's hoping to qualify for the Hawaiian Ironman. Which considering this is his first year of competition is pretty damn impressive.

From what I understand he did a marathon about a year ago with minimal training and finished in under 3 hours. I couldn't do that if I was on fire and you shoved a rocket up my butt. Some people get all the good genes..


Not these. Although these are a lot nicer to look at...
Please take special note at how many guys he passes on the bike. I guess he came out of the water 22nd and made up all those places during the cycling portion. Did I mention he's pretty fast?
The part where he's double shaking the bottles is my favorite part (I'm not sure what that says about me.). It's like he's doing the "Brison" dance (Inside joke.)

A special thank you to the director/producer Justin Adkinson for letting me post it.

It's also Famous Friday. So here is your celebrity fix~

Pink, being pinky...

Matthew McConaughey (With his shirt off, of course.)
I hope you all have a great weekend!

Rubber side down,

Big E

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