Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Yellow Helmets

Mark Cavendish (Team Sky) wins his first stage in the 2012 Tour de France
Watching stage 2 at the tour yesterday being impressed not only with how much information Paul and Phil can put out for a three and half hour plus telecast (Which would have to be a super difficult job.) that didn't really have much going on until the last 20k or so.  But also seeing how well Cavendish can work on his own without a lead out train. Those last 800 meters were a study on what to do. Who's wheel to follow and seeing gaps that weren't there. Great stuff.

But there was something that took away from this classic sprinters stage. It wasn't the riders. But something they were wearing.

What the hell is that on team Sky's heads!?

In ASO's infinite wisdom they have decided to make the leader of the team competition wear yellow helmets. Call me old fashioned, but I don't think anyone but the GC leader should be wearing yellow (Unless that's already your team color.).

Cap that thought of with the fact that those things look hideous. Seriously.

Bradley Wiggins (Sky) and Philippe Gilbert (BMC)
Philippe is doing his best not to look at it. But you can tell be the look on his face that he doesn't approve either.

There is just no way to look cool with one of these traffic cones on their heads.

Bradley Wiggins (Sky) at the start
Nope. Sorry guys. It's just not working....

Rubber side down,

Big E

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  1. It's still better than the brain pods several Giro-sponsored athletes are wearing...If they did the leading team helmet cover thing in the Giro, and one of the Giro sponsored teams was in the team lead, they'd all look like giant penises...penisi? Anyway, you get my drift