Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mountain Biking In Bend

The morning sun off the Deschutes in Sunriver.
Part of what I was talking about yesterday was true. I did need to recharge my batteries. Evidently my batteries are solar powered (I'm green like that.). So what better place to do that than in a place called Sunriver!?

My family and I spent a week over there getting dirty on trails. Eating a lot of junk food. Drinking to much (Beer for me of course.). And soaking in various modes and temperatures of water.

There was deer whispering...

The boys were viciously mauled by rabid woodland creatures...

Pants wearing (Only part of the time.)...

Ugh, Big E know how to dress.
And a fair amount of mountain biking...

I managed to get A to go out with B and I on a spin.
Of course A was already better at pretty much all of it than me. Which in made my jealous heart lime green (See how green I can be!?) with envy. Ah, to be young and full of natural talent!

But we saw many beautiful places.

More Deschutes river.
There were an amazing amount of trails just outside our door. I felt pretty stupid because I've stayed at Sunriver many times and didn't even know they existed until this trip.

A and B trying to find a suitable place to throw my useless body...

Dillon Falls.
 B and I went and traipsed around the Tumalo Falls area on Saturday. I've said it before (Although not on the blog.). I LOVE the trails around Tumalo Falls. LOVE THEM! Tons of climbing. Which for a fat guy like me isn't a fantastic incentive. But the views are gorgeous while you're suffering. And once the pain and wheezing (It's all about 5000') are over. There are some of the most flowey (Yes its a word. My word...) trails you will ever set a tire on. Most fun you can have with your pants on! Just awesome.

We eneded up getting lost (My fault.) and did a couple of trails that I had never done. Some with a pucker factor of about an 8.5. But it was still a lot of fun.

Water falling on the North Fork trail at Tumalo.

Tumalo Falls. A little hazy because of the big forest fire (26,000 acres) just outside of Sisters.
So that's my, "What I did on summer vacation"  report. Tomorrow, on to other things!

I really appreciate all the welcome back wishes, cards and chocolates and stuff. You guys are a bunch of sweeties! XOXO

Until tomorrow...

Rubber side down,

Big E

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