Monday, October 8, 2012

Red Bull Rampage

So this last weekends worth of racing will be up tomorrow. Due to sickness my two camera crew was brought down to a one and half man camera crew. One being Thomas (Thanks again Train!) the half being a monkey that failed out of calculus class but still has a remarkable grasp of fore, middle and background.

I will have some pictures and words to go with those pictures up tomorrow.

But something else that was one the TV and interwebs this weekend was the Reb Bull Rampage. After watching the winning run on Dicky's Blog I felt compelled to put it on here as well. It's a very impressive run. Especially the sweet jump right before he embraces all his homies in a pseudo-homo-erotic embrace.  The stuff at the top of his run also made me want to pee my pants a little (In a non-golden showers kind of way.).

Hope you enjoy,

Thanks for watching.

Rubber side down,

Big E

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