Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dear Psychotic Driver In a Truck...

Dear Psychotic Truck Driver (PTD for short),

So out on the Scott's Tuesday night ride yesterday on Battle Creek Rd. you decided that it would be a good idea to try and run us off the road.

I must admit PTD, I've never had any driver confront us quite so aggressively as you in all the years I've ridden. I'm not sure what, my dear PTD you thought would be accomplished by trying those kinds of maneuvers on us.

To honk the whole way by us was nothing new. But the veering over before you had completely past us was a nice touch. But I think the best part was to break check us as soon as you got the front. THAT dear PTD what the icing on the cake! Causing us to all almost smash into the back of your gold/tan GMC 4wd diesel truck with extended cab and canopy over the bed last 3 digits of the licence plate DLK (approx. 7 pm). That my good man, was a classic move!

That puts you right to the front of the: People Who Must Die In a Fire list. And as soon as myself and Craig decide to give chase. You try and break check us a couple of more times. I'm not sure why you didn't want to stop and have a nice little chat until the police arrived. But what can we do? You must of had another pressing engagement. But don't worry PTD. We are all okay (I'm sure you where up all night with concern).  And we continued on our way once we reported you to the authorities.

So please Mr. PTD. Stop next time. I have some terrific stories to tell you and I'm sure you'll have wonderful stories to tell your friends. You know,  about that one time when a guy in spandex pulled you out of your big metal box. Calmly explained to you that we only have our skin and some very thin clothing to protest us from assholes like you. All while you are on the ground with a cycling cleat on your neck...



Big E

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