Friday, February 18, 2011

Playing With a Trianing Beard

At the end of the cyclocross season I had made up my mind that I was going to grow a training beard. "A what!?", You might ask. You know, a training beard. Like Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV.

 When he goes off to the Soviet Union to battle against the steroid taking, every technological advancement that 1985 has to offer (Like that really cool ladder machine. Or the arm rotating machine that he does so much body rocking it's hard to believe he's doing any good) Ivan Drago.

I must break you.

While Rocky's training the old fashioned way.  Climbing up snow covered mountains, lifting carts full of rocks, and caring logs around.  All the while being tailed by that darn KGB.

But since the first race of the season is this weekend it's time for it to come off. So I thought I would share a few stylish designs to make it entertaining.  Enjoy....

Just a slightly more trimmed up version of what I had.

The master sculpture at work....

The wolverine style chops.

Pretty much just what I had before.

I like to call this the "Paul Sr."

The hipster fixie stash (Ironic because I am neither hip or own a fixie).

I left the soul patch because I figure I can always use more soul.

Bare as a babies ass. Or at least a middle aged babies ass...

I know you all were completely riveted to your seat to see all these pictures and what comes next. I'm sorry to say that was it. But when weird manscaping things have to be done it's always best to do them on the Internet. At least that's what I always say...

Tomorrow is the first race of the season. Wish me luck. I'll probably need it. Hopefully I can make something stick. If I can't, I'll be pack fodder until the end.

I'll have a full report next week...


Rubber side down,

Big E

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