Friday, November 11, 2011

I Really Want This Garage!

This weekend is the final Cross Crusades race of the year. And minus something big happening I will have do all of them. They are a wonderful good time and I am all ready missing them.

I also wanted to take a second and say happy Veteran's Day to all our previous and current troops. Thank you for everything that you do. XOXO.

Now on with the show!

Plenty of Pedro's bike care products, extra team helmets, tires and whatever else a rider might need
Could I just have one of each? Please?

This is the "home base" of the Rapha-Focus Team (The Field Manager's garage.). And you can get the full experience with pictures and words in  this article from

That being said. I haven't coveted someone else's garage and vehicle so badly in a really long time. I mean WOW!

Can I have this for Christmas? Please... Please!?

The empty slots represent the stock already in Europe with Powers and Hopper, the team's mechanic
Hardly any wheels to choose from...

Each wheel is numbered, as is each hook — everything has its place and it's apparent what's missing
I know, right!? Look at that vacuum...

The Rapha-Focus team's Mercedes Sprinter cargo van
Mercedes. Nice...

A box of used Dugasts; even Dallas 'cries a little bit' when the team flat one of these handmade tires. The team buy all of their tires from 'Uncle Stu' [Stu Thorne, who owns Dugast USA and runs Powers' former team], according to Dallas
They just couldn't quite splurge for the FMB's.

Wheel racks and tool boxes inside the Sprinter
They have a better shop in the truck than I do at home...
Color me (Inside the lines please.) with the jealous crayon.

Rubber side down,

Big E

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  1. wow, I was excited when I got my own work stand for my bikes in my garage.

    I would love to have that van, very nice.