Monday, November 14, 2011

Solutions To Non-Problems

Warning: This post is elitist and snobby. I don't wish to hurt anyone's feelings. So please read on at your own risk.

Also, I'll have a race report and pictures from the Cross Crusade race at PIR up tomorrow or Wednesday depending on how quickly I get the photos gathered up.  Thanks....

Fred's are everywhere in the cycling world. Cycling in and of itself attracts a certain type of free thinker, contrarian that most other physical activities (With the exception of Geo-cachers) don't. Not that I mind that.  I myself am a bit of all of those things. And some of my favorite people I would firmly set into that category as well. But there are a select few that have jumped the proverbial Fred shark. And this guy is one...

I mean, what the hell!?

Front view of the tandem
The article is about that very irritating phenomena of having your bar bag to high (I can't tell you how many times I've wished for a solution to this dilemma.) But the thing that caught my eye almost immediately was the double brake lever. What the hell!?

I guess this guy (I'm assuming it's a male. Because I sincerely doubt a women would ever think this was a problem in the first place.) is into redundancy.

He's got multiple bags. Which I'm sure is for a trip to the local park. Because we all know you need to take a three day supply of food and clothing for a four hour ride.

Then the lights. I can only guess this is to play night intramural Frisbee with his 12 closest friends.

But the best part is what the article was all about in the first place. Bag placement...

Rear view.

At first I was a bit alarmed by the fact that perhaps this was another Retro Grouch Fred pedalling (Haha. Get it?)  his philosophy of why a quill stem and friction shifters were far superior to anything that's been produced within the last 2 decades.

Rear view.

But I became quite relieved to see that in fact this was more of a moderate Fred. Who is more excepting of modern ways and designs. Pheww... Dodged that bullet.

Rear view.
Now the only thing that's puzzling me is where did the extra braking power of the mighty third lever go? Hmmm...  It's a mystery that may never be solved.

Rubber side down,

Big E

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