Thursday, May 31, 2012

Australian "Tourist" Hits The Big Time In Oregon

Looks like Salem has made the big leap to bicycle blogging stardom when Bike Snob NYC pointed his cross hairs squarely at a story based out of our own town.

It appears we have an Australian drifter who came through our town posing as a cycling tourist. Only he's been bouncing around the west coast for some time. Leaving tall tails and empty wallets in his wake.

There are a couple stories from Bike Portland with all kinds of testimonials from people that have been taken advantage of by "Ian".

Bike Snob grabbed part of the story about Salem's own Chad Butler (Who I've raced cross with on several occasions.) trying to help this guy get back on his feet. Only to have other people on OBRA Chat debunk this guy's stories.

So everyone keep an eye out for this fella. He fools us once, shame on him. Fools us twice shame on us...

Rubber side down,

Big E

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