Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Barton Park Cross Crusade

I know that long, long ago, in a galaxy far far away I said I was working on a post about the UCI and their problems with the whole Lance Armstrong affair. And I have tried to start writing about it three different times. With three different posts that are all still sitting in the que of this blog half done.

The biggest issue for me is trying to write it out in a succinct understandable manner. Instead of the ramblings of a crazy idiot (Which I am.). So I guess what I'm saying is I'm copping out. Sorry... If you want to get some far smarter people's opinions on the subject please read these:






This will give you all a very good understanding of where and why I have the opinions of the UCI that I have.

I may attempt to jump back into this arena at a later date. But I'm still not sure how I would do that without it becoming a book...

So now on with the show!

Adam stole this bike from some small random child to go race kiddie-kross with it.
I actually managed to go out and race my bike this last weekend (Shock and horror!) at the Barton Park Cross Crusade.

For those of you who haven't ever been to this garden spot. This is what it looks like...

I know what you're thinking. And yes, it's that beautiful in real life.  But like the ugly fat kid in school what it doesn't have in beauty it more than makes up for in personality.  The course has a little bit of every thing. Gavel, mud, gravel, some asphalt, gravel, an RV park... Did I mention the gravel?

The weather was some of the most interesting I've ever raced in. It had rained for a week straight before the race. Including a little in the morning before the festivities started. But at 65 degrees it was super warm for November 4th. It was un-nerving to say the least.

Whenever I get that muddy and wet at a race I'm use to having frozen fingers and toes and being about 10 minutes away from hypothermia at any given moment. So long as you continued to race you pretty much could go swimming in the stuff and it wasn't bad at all.

Adam's race was first and he got a stellar starting position. With the whistle being blown he was second out of the gate and only backed up a few positions. He looked very strong. It was a lot of fun to go cheer him on with his wife and kids clanging cowbells for all the racers. Good times...

My race was fun too. Although I'm still not cross fit. But I flailed around and had a good time.

Managed to stay up right the whole time and didn't loose too many places in the process. I also got a very good call up. Which I was a little bummed about. I know that sounds weird. But since I'm not in the best shape it makes me feel better to pass a bunch of people versus getting passed all the time. I did my best not to get to obsessed about it and just race my own race. But it's a hard thing to put on the blinders and race the guys that are sticking around you.

Jarod rocking it at the front of our race. He ended up in the top ten.

Me in almost the exact same spot as Jarod (About 2 minutes later....)
Next weekend is the Hillsboro race which I'm excited about. It generally is the race I do the best at. So weather I'm in the very back or towards the front it should be a good time.

Just like in high school when you saw the guy in the wearing the t-shirt of the band he was seeing that night. Don't be "that" guy wearing cutoffs in a cross race. I bet I could roast a chicken between his legs from all the friction.

Evidently the devil's hipster cousin likes to cross race as well.

I'm not exactly sure what he's mining for on the course. But it must have been valuable.

As my SSHW likes to say, "Whoopsie doodle!!"
Thanks for reading!

Rubber side down,

Big E

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