Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cycling Gift Ideas For Christmas (The Biggest List)

I like lists. I always have. They are strewn around my work and at home for all kinds of different things. Some shopping lists, some lists of words or ideas that I don't want to forget. Sometimes I make lists of make-believe bikes that I want to build up. You get the idea.  Mostly those sort of lists I do for entertainment (Much like this one.). I guess its a kind of day dreaming. But one I can do while I look like I'm doing something productive.  At any rate, I'm not sure where I was going with that. But it seemed pertinent so that you all don't think I'm delusional (Which I probably am. But I don't want you to think that.). So here with out further ado is my non-delusional list of things that anyone of you who has an annual salary with at least six zeros behind it feel free to get for me.


Gee whiz thanks! You're swell!

A Sprinter conversion van by Outsidevan would be sweet!

Custom Sprinter
Small enough to fit in a parking lot or up a gravel road. But enough space for your crap.
Custom Sprinter

The second thing on my un-gettable list is a randonee Vanilla bicycle. I've been lucky enough to have seen and played with a couple of his bikes in person and they are as meticulous and pretty as you would think they are.

I'd love one of his bikes.

Third on the list is another bike. This one would be a cross bike from Ira Ryan Cycles.

Form follows function with Ira's bikes and no where is it more apparent than in one of his cross frames.

 Espresso. With its ethereal smell and beautiful creme. I can't think of anything else that is so directly part of cycling, yet isn't. I've always wanted a home espresso machine and grinder that are worthy of making some exceptional coffee. But like most shlubs I have to stand in line behind the hooka hacka frappe mocha chino ordering public.

Truth be told I have no idea what makes one espresso machine better than the other. So forgive me if the picture isn't as pin-up worthy as some of the other things on the list (It looks pretty to me though).
 Next on the list would be a Pereira urban bicycle.

Tony builds some of the most beautiful city street going bikes that I've ever seen. He has a playfulness to his designs and ideas that make his creations all the more attractive.

The idea of time trials is becoming more and more appealing (I must be getting old.). And one of these Cervelo beauties would be an awfully nice whip to pretend I'm going fast on. Plug for my LBS Scott's Cycles. They're now a Cervelo dealer. So maybe I could point in the opposite direction and yell, "What's that over there!?!" and subtly roll one out of the shop. Just kidding Steve. Maybe...

I would of course need the super fast Zipp wheelset to go with the Cervelo.

The Superfly Pro SL would hurt my feelings either.

Brew Cave Walk-In Beer Cooler and Kegerator
A walk in beer frig/kegerator would be Sa-Weet!

Pretty much the entire Assos clothing line would really accentuate my cycling wardrobe.

The rack above the workbench is for wheels being worked on
And last but not least. A dream garage to work on and store my bikes. This one is a dream that I plan on turning into a reality very soon. Seeing as how I already have a garage and the bikes. It feels like it should work itself right out.

 Well I think I'm all listed out. I'm sure I could put on there a couple of dream cycling adventures. But I think I'll save that for a different time.

I hope I'm not  the only one day dreams about stuff like this. I must admit that putting this all down is making me feel like a greedy capitalist with first world problems. But that slight sting of elitism and and self-importance will subtly dissipate with time I'm sure...

Thanks for reading!

Rubber side down,

Big E


  1. Earl, I feel your pain. I would go with the garage/shop first. I did it and I never looked back. Z

    1. Thanks Z! Yeah, it's probably the only one on that whole list that I could do. Hahaha!