Monday, February 11, 2013

A Man And His Cave

Over the past several weeks a transformation has taken place. Not from early man to me (That change really hasn't occurred yet.). No, it's from a once gigantic pile of crap in my garage.

Said gigantic pile of crap.
To a much more reasonable pile of crap.

Said smaller pile...
In fact. It's even smaller than this now. But I still have a little bit of a ways to go to call it complete.

A while back I had talked about my big unrealistic Christmas presents that I had been dreaming about. One of those dreams was a kick ass garage.  Well my SSHW heard my cry, and after some number crunching and sexual favors she agreed to finance my dream. Yeah for me!!!

So I got started by tearing everything off the free standing miscellaneous shelves in the garage into a giant pile (Please note first picture.).

Then I called my Pop and we came up with a materials and cut list.

Then I waited for the first of the month (That's what happens when you have fiscal responsibility. Stupid, stupid responsibility.).

After that we got to work...

Pop posing with the partially erected (Huh, I said erect..) shelves.

Part 1: The great wall of shelves completed.

Part 2: The bench.
Hey! Don't make fun of another man's vise. It's what I had. Jerk...

The opposite wall of the garage.
 I didn't show any before pictures of this side. Except if you look behind the gigantic pile of crap in the back ground you can kinda see what it looked like.

Basically  I took two of the large nice shelves from the other side and used them here for all the pantry, sleeping bag, dog food and booze storage. Then shrunk up where I hung the bikes. There are still just as many hooks. But I put them closer together and alternated the direction of the handle bars to get them to fit. It seams to be working nicely. Although I haven't tried to take the bikes on and off a bunch yet. So I may change my tune.

What comes after a bench is built? Why a peg board of course! I think going shopping for this, along with all the little peg board attachments has been the happiest I've ever been shopping for home improvement stuff. It was AWESOME!!!

This is the start. I've gone a little farther than this now. But at least I have all the "vitals" up there for use during the interim.

My Pop also bought me a nice American made (Very important. As the China made ones suck.) Wilton vise. I didn't show any pictures of it mounted yet because I 'm waiting until after the metal top is installed to mount it.

I can't tell you all how super pumped I am to have a somewhat organized and usable man cave. It's enough to almost make this cave man cry (Ugh. No look at Big E when he get emotional...)

I'll have a few more gratuitous pics up in the near future of the completed project.

Rubber side down,

Big E

PS~ I wanted to give a big thank you to my SSHW for giving me "permission" (Inside joke.) and for my Pop for helping me so much with this. I couldn't have done it without either one of you. I love you both tons and tons.