Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Am A Solar Powered Cyclist

Today is a beautiful spring day. I think the first day of the year when I was fully sweating at work.  And with that work all I could think about was not being there. I want to be somewhere else. Some where fun. Some place that I can enjoy this sunshine. Which will most certainly go back to rain the minute I blink my eyes. I need to be on my bicycle!

A place where I can contemplate the world and my place in it. All the things that have happened lately. And all the things that are certainly going to come. To enjoy the moment. Be part of it as it passes through me.

To feel the sun on my neck. The breeze on face. And the whirring sound of my tires on hot tarmac. To notice nature and appreciate what in the here and now.

I always thought of myself as an year around cyclist. And I am. But as long, cool and wet as this winter/spring has been. I have suddenly discovered how badly I need the sunshine. To let that vitamin D soak into my bones and feel its rejuvenating power.

I am a solar powered cyclist...

Rubber side down,

Big E

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