Friday, May 27, 2011

Some Actual Racing This Weekend

I will be heading out to a race over in Bend tomorrow. The Bend Don't Brake road race. A course perfectly suitable for a fella of my *ahem* dimensions. Almost completely flat with a lot of 90 degree corners. And no, it's not a crit (Smart ass.). It's a 50 miler. Which I haven't done in a while so this should be interesting. Not to mention its at 3700 feet. Which I'm hoping won't effect me to much. But only time will tell.

I'll do my level best to actually take some photos this time. I know I've been pretty bad about that lately. I apologize and beg your forgiveness...

I was sort of hoping to stay over there and do the Bend Criterium which was scheduled for Sunday. But a two fold problem has occurred.

First, one of my boy's is doing his first downhill mountain bike race on Sunday. The Black Rock Flow Cup race. Which of course I want to see.  Not only to see him tear down the mountain at break neck speeds. But also to catch his mom when she faints from the stress of seeing her "little boy" flying down the hill at said speeds. I'm sure she will be heavily sedated. But I don't know if that will do much good. Only time will tell...

Second, the Bend Crit appears to have been cancelled within the last week. Perhaps they heard about my scheduling problems and just decided to say, "Screw it." Which I appreciate their sensitivity to my needs. But it's really not necessary. Honest.

 I will have pictures from Sunday. And with a little luck I may even have some kick ass video footage. Where I can use my Orson Wells like cinematic skills...

Don't be jealous. It's not becoming.

Rubber side down,

Big E

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