Monday, May 9, 2011

We Lost A Cyclist In The Giro Today.

Stage winner Wouter Weylandt (Quick Step) on the podium.
Wouter Weylandt on a much happier day. Winning Stage 3 of the Giro last year.

Today I was going to write. A funny (At least I hoped so.) post about Mark Cavendish being a big baby. And the tantrum he pulled after the sprint with Alessandro Petacchi in Stage 2 of the Giro. Afterward Mark went on to talk about how he wasn't mad at Ale Jet but at the organizers. Blah, blah, blah. It doesn't really matter...

What does matter is that cycling lost a young talent today. A good racer who has family and friend's that will miss him dearly.

No one should die because of a sport. Even if it is something we dearly love.

Life is fragile. We all know that. We all also never know when our time is up.

Part of the reason I ride a bike is because it makes me feel alive. It makes me focus on that one moment. And appreciate it for what it is. A concentration in what is happening to mind, body, and soul all at the same time. In real time.  It's one of the greatest gifts of clarity that I have ever experienced. And part of that beauty is that you can re-create it over and over again with every ride.

There is of course a darker side to that feeling, to that process. It's also part of the reason that it happens in the first place. Danger. Once you've clicked into that pedals and hopped on the saddle. You know there is a chance you could get hurt or worse. And in a moment like this the worst is realized.

Thankfully (Amazingly) we don't see to many deaths in professional cycling. Considering all the hair raising descents that these guy's do. And all the horrific crashes that happen. It really is a miracle that it's not common place (I think about that when I'm driving in my car too. It's really impressive there aren't more accidents.). But unfortunately it does happen sometimes.

So please lets take a minute to be thankful for what we have. The road, the trail, the fresh air, the breath in our lungs, the breeze at our backs, the sweat on our brow and the sun on our faces.

May God be with you Wouter, and may he comfort those that you left behind.

Rubber side down,

Big E


  1. Truly heartbreaking. Its a shame that it takes something like this to happen before we step back and appreciate the simple blessings.

  2. ...and sadly, overshadowed here in Italy because of the Pope's visit to Venice.