Friday, October 7, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened On The Bike Ride

So I was on the Scott's group ride last night. When a bee (Yellow jacket or Hornet) stung me right in the face! It some how managed get between my cycling cap, glasses and got me right between the eyes. Little bastard....

It hurt like hell initially. Which struck me as odd because most stings that I get (Usually a couple a year.) are a little painful initially then sort of fall off into the background are forgotten. Not this one. I could feel it getting swollen and it continued to hurt through the rest of the ride.

Once I got back to the shop all I could think about was getting a "sooth-a-sting" swab and some benadryl in me and hope that this thing starts to feel better.

Well it didn't.

If anything the swelling was worse. And by the time I got up this morning I could barely see out of my eye's.

So after a call to the doctor and a prescription for some hardcore anti-inflammatory. I'm in a wait and see holding pattern as to when this "manimal" like face that I've developed will start going back to normal.

Until then. Here are some lovely pictures for your viewing pleasure.  I don't think I would make it as a fashion model with this look.

J said I looked like a vampire from Blade Runner.

Good look isn't it... I feel like someone is blowing air under my skin.
I have the Breast Cancer awareness ride tomorrow morning. I sure hope its improved dramatically by then. And of course Cross Crusades Rainer on Sunday. Should be an entertaining time! To bad it's not the Halloween race. I wouldn't even need a costume....

Rubber side down,

Big E


  1. To be fair, I said Blade, not Blade Runner, even though it's the superior film- I don't think there are any vampires in it...-J

  2. I was googling and found your blog -I was stung twice this weekend; once on the right temple and then my upper left lip. I'm not sure what stung me but my face looks like yours (almost) How long did it last?

    1. Sorry to hear that you got stung. The swelling lasted about three days. But that was after I took a good bunch of steroids to take down the swelling. If you haven't yet, I'd recommend going to the doctor to get some. They helped a lot. Also, try and sleep propped up for a couple of nights. That will help the swelling dissipate. Truth be told, when summer comes around I have a sooth-a-sting dabber and a benadryl in my saddle bag at all times. I think my biggest problem was I waited a couple hours before taking one and then just slept normal. I won't make that mistake again. Good luck!