Monday, October 24, 2011

Great Photos From The Washington Co. Fairgrounds Cross Crusades

Yesterday was a great day to make bike race.

Adam had his nice camera. So between him and myself we got a ton of a shots. Here are a few.

I'll have a write on the blog tomorrow.


Rubber side down,

Big E

Me suffering by my lonesome.

Brison flying by everyone in the sand trap.

Dave looking smooth through the double barriers.

Mr. T looking like a stud as per usual...

Eric did very well in the Master 35+ B's.

Adam looking like he's going to tear some heads off and shit down necks.

Jarod punching it fast through one of the barns.

Thomas and Adam railing it around a tree.

This is a spot where I'm pleading "Not in the face!" to the guy in front of me.

David Climbing up the sand pile.

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