Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Core Group

A portion of the core group.

I think every cyclist has at least a few people that they ride with that they consider their "core group".  The list that comprises cyclist's of not only different abilities but also of different thoughts and opinions.  I mean after all. What good is a social ride without some stimulating conversations about politics, religion, the latest pro cycling drama or dick jokes!?

Not a very good one. That's what...

Each riders strengths and weaknesses helping and hurting the other's that choose to ride.

There are many times when having someone egg you a long to go that little bit further. That little bit harder. And then laughing about (And usually making fun of how you did it.) it after is what makes riding in a group worth while.

Accountability is another terrific (Terrible) attribute. It's honestly the number one thing that has kept me from caving to my own laziness. Saying "Screw it!", grabbing the chips and the remote control and becoming one with the couch.

A few more...

I know I've talked about all that before. But I guess the thing that really brings it back up now is that with the onset of winter. The cold, wet blackness of night.  A bizarre number of injuries. And just a bunch of people MIA. What I would consider my "core group" has gone from about 14-18 people strong to about 4. It's both alarming and sad (Do I just have bad BO and no one will tell me?).

Some of the people have injuries and sickness. Which I can forgive (I guess...). But other's have seemingly fallen off the face of the earth never to be heard from again.

So I implore you all. Come back! I'm feeling lonely. And I need some more people to motivate my fat ass. Stimulate my every dwindling mind. And quite possibly keep the remainder of the core group from lynching me.

And the super important ones.

So if they (What's left of the group. Not little aliens or something. Although you never know...) kill me for being an obnoxious ride nazi. My blood is on all your hands.  Can you live with that? I didn't think so...

Rubber side down,

Big E

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