Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nascar Wheel Change

Imagine this, only with just two guys...

A quick little story from the Saturday morning Scott's ride.

We were headed out of town north bound. Hoping to harness some of the wind that was whooping it up (Which we did. Unfortunately it made the ride back into town that much suckier. Huh, go figure...) in the flat lands. When I heard that ever dreaded word yelled out, "Mechanical!"

I looked back to see my Super Hot Smoking Wife (SHSW) stopped at the side of the road looking down at her bicycle.

Uh oh...

So I start to roll back her direction on the sidewalk. Steve (the shop mechanic/owner) was right behind me.

It was a flat tire.

Now Steve and I have a good tube changing system down. Since in the group a flat tire is almost a weekly occurrence. So we set right to work...

I made sure the rear derailleur was shifted all the way down into the smallest cog. Flicked the brake caliper open and flipped the quick release.

While I was doing this my SHSW was getting her spare tube out and the CO2 ready.

I handed the wheel off to Steve to peal the old tube out and check the tire for any flattening debris.

In the mean time my SHSW was describing how the tire just instantly went flat. And I (Being a Mr Know-it-all) said it was probably a pinch flat.

By this time Steve had the tire all back together again and was ready to re inflate it.

When SHSW looked and said, "But it's the front tire that has the flat!"


Now that is something that neither Steve or I have ever done.

Changed the wrong tire. To funny...

After we all burst out laughing we started to work on the front tire. All the while hearing mumbling in the group at how surprised they were that she got two flats.

Steve and I both said, right... It was two flats...

Once everyone found out what really happened they all laughed. And deservedly so.

But my excuse was that the air in that back tire was probably getting pretty stale by now anyway. So it was a good thing.

Steve's excuse was that the shop likes to do full service stops. You know, like a Nascar pit crew...

Rubber side down,

Big E


  1. THAT was the highlight of the ride. thanks for the comic relief. johnny p.