Thursday, May 10, 2012

How To Fix A Warped Cycling Cap

If you live in a busy household like I do, laundry is a chore. In fact, I guess if you live in any household laundry is a chore.

There are all kinds of rules...

-Separate your whites and colors.
-Wash the delicates separately as well (Things like cycling clothes, panties and man thongs...).
-We don't check pockets for wallets or cell phones (Much to the chagrin of the kids.).
-Hang dry certain items.

It's that last rule that comes to mind when I think of cycling caps.  Inevitably a cap finds it's way into the dryer. Oh sure, if you're gross you don't wash them at all. Until everyone starts avoiding you during rides...

If you have something like a Walz Caps then there really isn't much to worry about. However if it's a normal cycling cap with a thin plastic piece inside the bill then you do have a problem. You end up with something like this...

Isn't pretty is it. It's sort of the head apparel equivalent of dirty white bar tape. Or perhaps having the dreaded "see through" bibs...

Can you read the number?
 Regardless I have a reasonably quick and easy fix. The only thing this particular technique won't help is a broken bill. If the plastic piece is cracked or busted off inside. Really your only two choices are to remove the plastic altogether. Which leaves you with a limp bill... I'm not going to lie, it's kind of sad and emasculating. Or toss it into the cycling donation box. But fear not! Other than in those extreme cases these easy steps can be taken to save your cap.

1. Get out your clothes iron and ironing board. Or if your like me and lazy. Just lay a towel down on the counter top.

2. Get the bill and surrounding part of the cap wet. Either with a squirt bottle or under the faucet. This keeps you from melting the plastic. Or if it's a synthetic cap. It keeps you from melting the cloth itself.

3. Turn your clothes iron onto medium and let it warm up.

4. Lay the bill as flat as you can without damaging it against the towel or ironing board.

5. Smooth out the curls and creases in the bill with the iron.

Doesn't my SSHW make a great hand model?
 6. Let the cap lay there flat until it cools down.

7. Wear and enjoy!

I'd like to the thank my lovely assistant SSHW for helping model.

Please take a, "How to wear your cap lesson." from Miguel Indurain (At least while you're doing the espresso stop or before and after the ride). Who always had his cycling cap neatly perched on top of his head. Like this...

Very stylish...
 Rubber side down,

Big E

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