Friday, May 18, 2012

There Is Beach Reaching To Be Done!

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Tomorrow is Reach the Beach. A ride that's a lot of fun and for a good charity.

Now for you very astute folks out there you would know that there isn't an official start point in Salem. In fact there hasn't been one here in town for the past several years. But we don't let that get us down. We just all take off from the same place as before and hook up with the event ride in Amity.

Amity is also the place where you can get one of the best demitasse of espresso around from the Amity Foods & Coffee House. It is worth the ride out to Amity all by it's little self. But I digress...

From there the route hops from Sheridan, to Grande Ronde. Where you can donate your money to the local tribe via a thing called a casino... From there it hops over the hill to the coast and ends up in Pacific City.

A lovely route with some lovely people. There are all kinds of people too. I remember stopping to help ladies that had a Walmart tandem that wouldn't shift. I gave them the easiest gear and told them not to shift until they got to the next rest area (Which are only about 12 miles apart.). But that's part of the charm. I've seen unicycles, recumbent like contraptions, I've even seen a long boarder. All desperately trying to get to that salty water.

I'll do my best to take pictures (Or at least steal them from other people.)...

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