Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why They Call Me Big E

So I have had some decision making to do lately. It's something that I've thought and known about for a couple of years now.  I need to lose some weight.... I know, I know. Your thinking, what?! With such a finely chiseled physique as you have Earl!? Surely you jest. But sadly, no I'm not kidding. 

Now please don't get me wrong. I'm not fat. I mean I don't look like this guy~

At least I don't think so.... (Hmmm. I do look fetching in the Lampre kit though.)

I'm just tall (6'2") and heavy for a cyclist. If I had no real aspirations to do well in racing my bike I would be perfectly fine with my weight as it is right now (196 lbs, 15% body fat).

I would like to loose weight so I'll have to do less of this next year. Photo credit:SHAWWIRDD

But it has become painfully (literally) aware to me this road and cross season that if I want to be even a little competitive with all the other grown men fighting for the ultimate prize I need to drop some pounds. Or start track cycling...

I have no desire to be a manorexic. So I don't think I'll be looking like this~


anytime real soon. I just want to be able to hang on to the group over some of the longer rollers and punchy climbs we have here in the Willamette Valley.

So I would like to get closer to the 180-185 lbs. mark and somewhere in the less than 10% body fat category. This would make my races infinitely (OK. Maybe not that much.) better.

Your probably asking why I am announcing this to the millions (ten) people that read this blog every day.


I seem to need to be responsible to other people in order to make myself stick to a plan and get something done.

So I am announcing to the world that I will lose 10-15 lbs by the end of February! Which in theory should be totally do able. But I have many things standing in my way.

1. I have absolutely NO willpower.
2. There is always munchies and junk food in my house. (We've got three boys. Two of which are teenagers. Enough said.)
3. If there are munchies in the house I WILL eat them.
4. Its the holiday season.
5. I have NO willpower.

So I have plenty of obstacles in my way. But I'm confident with your help I can make this the awesome nugget center of next years race season even larger than it was this year. God I'm hungry...

Rubber side down,

Big E

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