Monday, December 6, 2010

Xmas List

So in case you were wondering what to buy that cyclist on your list. I thought I'd put a few out there that I think are pretty damn sweet. I am going to start with the $25 and under category and work up, up, and a way from there.

Also, none of these companies have paid, bribed, or courted me in anyway (Not that I would be against that. I always say, I'm not cheap. But I can be had.). I do own a couple of the items so I can speak from first hand experience about those. But the rest are just awesomely awesome. In my own opinion.

The Lezyne CO2 inflator. This thing is sweet! It's beautiful, functional, it comes in spiffy colors too. I have always loved machined metal and these guys have it down to a fine art.


A Pedro's bottle opener is a cool little stocking stuffer that anyone who drinks a cold beverage now and again could learn to love. A good tool company just comes up with one more.


These Walz Caps are the only cycling cap manufacturer that I know of that make a L/XL cap that fits my dome. They are comfortable, last a long time, and you can even have them customized. I've had several made with Big E on the side, one for my lovely wife, and one for my father-in-law. All with little nicknames on them. Couldn't recommend them enough.


Slipstream over socks by Defeet are one of those products that you can never really have to many. I have two pair, a pair of black ones (for nasty days) and a pair of white ones (for fancy days). They work great when its cool and a full neoprene booty is to much and they also make a fantastic layering item under thick booties on those days when its super cold .
The Lezyne Blox-23 multi tool is one of the most nicely made tools I've seen in a long time (Can you tell I really like this company?). I'm one of those guys as a kid who lusted after the biggest baddest Swiss army knives that where out there. So I tend to lean toward the gadget heavy ones like this. But they also make some beautiful minimalist multi tools with carbon fiber of machined aluminium (God! I love toys!). They are all of the highest quality and do their jobs very well.
A Craft base layer is your best friend on long cold training days. It keeps your core from getting wet and clammy. Gives good thermal value for the weight and feels really nice up against your skin. Something a few of the other manufacturers can't say. I think anyone who does any amount of riding outside in the winter should have at least two good long sleeve base layers.

Assos early winter 851 gloves. Anything from Assos is awesome. People who have never owned anything Assos always do the "old guy looking at the tab" look of shock and horror. But if you've ever ponied up the money from some of their products than it really doesn't take a whole lot of explaining. You just lust after all the pieces of clothing that you can't afford.


The Assos Uno S5 is their "cheapest" bib short. But they are fantastic! I have owned a pair now for a little more than a year and I can tell you that they are as comfy know as they were when I first bought them. I used them on the STP (Seattle to Portland) ride this year (206 miles in one day) and my butt was the only thing that wasn't hurting by the end. And having done that ride many times I can tell you that's the first time that has ever happened. Great product.

A good set of training wheels. The kind that can take the abuse of winter rides in the wet, grit and muck. And still come out without a wibble or a skip. I have these Mavic Open Pro 32 hole with ultegra shown here. But there are plenty of prebuilt wheels out there that are good too. Mavic, Bontrager, Fulcrum and DT Swiss are just a few that come to mind. I personally really enjoy hand built wheels better. I think they tend to stay in true and if you are so inclined building them yourself can be really satisfying as well as educational.


A good set of race wheels. There is nothing finer than riding down the road on a nice light set of tubulars with your favorite tires glued on. It's kind of like eating caviar off of Megan Fox. It's luxurious and naughty and you just want more. I have a set of Bontrager tubulars and they are wonderful. Highly recommend the experience if it intrigues you.


A commuter bicycle. I think this Civia Loring is just the Bee's knees. I do commute to work some although not all the time. With this sweet looking ride I think I would do it all the time just so I could ride it.


The Salsa Fargo is an odd choice I grant you. But I can't help but love it. It's like that dog that's so ugly it's cute. And on top of that it has to be the most utilitarian bike I've ever come across. Straight out of the box you can take it on a fire road, a tour across the country, or down to the pub. It's got enough brazons and rack mounts to do any variation of those things with ease. I just love this ugly little mutt. Come here boy! Come here!


 The Gary Fisher Superfly 100 Elite is about as sweet as mountain bikes come in my mind. I've been drooling for one of these things for as long as they have been out. Mmmm Gary Fisherness.....

The Pinarello Dogma with Campy Super Record is the bike that I have lusted after for years. This thing just screams Italian and race bike. It looks like its going at a 100 mph just siting there. If I were to win the lottery today. One of these would be in my garage by the end of the week. So sexy... Excuse me. I just had a moment. Man this thing is hot! And at a roughly $12,000 price tag I would need to win the lottery to ever own one. But a man can dream.

There are a ton more things that I could put on this list but I think this will do for now.

If you can think of any to add. Please feel free to send those suggestions my way. Thanks!

Rubber side down,

Big E

PS Weight as of Sunday morning: 195. Stellar start huh?


  1. To My Bike Porn Husband-
    Was this specifically made out for me to read so I would know without a doubt what you wanted??? I found it rather odd that you asked me 20 times if I had time to read your lastest blog...Now I understand. I wanted to let you know that #7 reminds me only of JAZZ HANDS, #8 I didn't even notice the bibs, the guys was so creepy looking I couldnt see past him and being the wonderful wife that I am, you can cross #14 off your list...
    Your Loving Wife~

  2. Wahoo!!! I am so excited! Oh wait, you're teasing. Ahh...

  3. #12 made me vomit uncontrollably...and you're in charge of clean-up. And pay no attention to Hollie because being the loving concubine that I am, I've already wrapped your Campy-laden Dogma and it will be under the tree come Christmas morning. Okay, I lied, there's no Dogma...I suppose it will be a Christmas mourning, instead.