Friday, July 1, 2011

The Tour De France Is Here!

The 2011 Tour de France starts tomorrow. It's hard to believe it's already here. Seems like last week I was talking about Paris-Roubaix...Crazy.

But here it is. And it's here to stay. Well, at least for the next three weeks. I'm going to do my best to watch all the stages. Or at least the highlights.

So I wanted to go out on a limb and try and give my predictions for the main categories of the race (Just like everyone else and their mother has been doing.) And I'm sure, for the most part. I'll be eating my words (Just like everyone else.) But, what the hell. It's all for entertainment.

Podium in General Classification:
1. Contador (Like that's a surprise to anyone. Unless he implodes or crashes. It's his to lose.)
2. Andy Schleck (He is a tough call. His form has been terrible so far this year. But that could be a rouse.)
3. Levi Leipheimer (I think his team will see him through. If he has good TT's I think he'll still be in it at the end.)

Dark horses: Chris Horner (I'd love to see him on the podium.), Bardly Wiggins (He's got a good team and I think his prep has been better this year. But in reality. I think 4th or 5th is where his best will put him.), Samuel Sanchez (He could be the guy that could surprise everyone.)

Guys I wish were going to do better: Ivan Basso ( I think his wreck really screwed him up. But he's got a good team. So who knows...) Tom Danielson (I think he's got the engine. But I don't know if it will go the whole three weeks without breaking.)

Green Jersey:
Mark Cavendish (After they changed the points rules to favor him more I think he'll finally get it. He's also looking quite lean and ready.)

Alternate~ Thor Hushovd (He's a really classy rider. And a fighter through and though.)

Jurgen Van den Broek (He is a great climber. And I think just off the radar enough that people will let him go on a long solo break where theres a lot of points to be had.)

Alternate~ Antony Charteau (He did it last year. He's not a threat. And If he gets in an early break on a  mountainous stage he could do it again. Besides, the French need someone to cheer for.)

Tejay Van Garderen Tejay Van Garderen of the USA riding for HTC-Highroad races to third place in the the Individual Time Trial during stage six of the 2011 Amgen Tour of California on May 20, 2011 in Solvang, California.

White Jersey:
Tejay Van Garderen (He's young, super talented and an American. So he's in like Flint.)

Alternate~ I don't really know.... (?)

Radio Shack (They are getting long in the tooth. But they're super strong and I think will have two to three guys quite high in the overall.)

Alternate~ HTC (I think between Cavendish and how strong the team is as a whole they could very well be in the mix.)

So there they are. Such as they are.  I'll probably look like a fool by the end. But I think that's kind of par for the course.

I'm pretty pumped to get a chance to see some sweet racing every day. I'm also pretty sure my lovely Wife is not (or the kids...). But that's just the price they're going to have to pay to be around me. Hey! At least I don't watch any other sports, right?

Rubber side down,

Big E


  1. I'm rooting for Horner. He is fitter than ever, has a great team around him, and is coming off a great win at the Tour of Cali (plus he is from Bend). But my money would be on Contador to pull off the double.

  2. This sucks. In order to keep racing this season, I had to cut my cable package to basic. I had ro give up VS network. Ill be lucky to catch 3 stages this year, one of which will probably be the super competetive final stage.