Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Who Is Cervelo Trying To Kid?

Cervelo has launched a new S5 aero road bike whose P4-inspired shape is said to save nearly 40 seconds over a 40km course at 40km/h relative to the already slippery S3.

So this is the new S5 Cervelo "Areo" road bike. The instant I looked at it I thought, "That's a P3 with more of a slack head tube and seat tube angle." I mean look at the difference between the two! It's like the S5 is the "comfort" version. I'm know I'm wrong. But the S5 looks like a love child between these two bikes. To funny...

The only thing that looks different to me it the head tube shape, the fork and rake (Which they would have to change to make the geometry work anyway).

So they took the head tube and fork off the P4. Changed the angle of the rear triangle on the P3. Slapped them together. Tweaked the geometry to work correctly. And called it a day.

I wonder if they'll call me in as a consultant on their next project? I think I could save them a lot of time. Just give me some scissors and some craft paper....

Rubber side down,

Big E

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