Friday, March 30, 2012

Famous Friday

So sometimes you see something that makes you take a second look.

Yesterday the latest Peloton Magazine (A truly awesome magazine by the way.) showed up at my doorstep. As I was perusing the pages and I came upon a small interview with the owner of an Italian bicycle touring company. Nothing terribly unusual there but then I started to look at the pictures that went along with the interview I saw this...

Somehow this photo is very fitting...
 As I looked, I thought for sure that was Graham's (From Scott's Cycle Shop) doppelganger. Well, as it turned out it wasn't his long lost twin. It was him! He has just recently come back from a grand adventure over in Europe and apparently part of that adventure was helping out his friend with a cycle tour. Too funny!

So Graham gets to be part of Famous Friday by the fact that I know him and he's been published in a kick ass periodical.

But I won't stop there! Oh, no. I'll give you a couple celebrity types too.

I'm a giver like that...

Heather Graham looking smashing.

A duo of Brad Pitt.
   I am thinking about participating in a mountain bike race this weekend. I've never done one before (Besides short track.) and while I'm sure I won't do very well it still might be fun to go try something new.

The weather has been absolutely terrible this last, well, forever. So I'm not 100% committed. But I may talk myself into it between now and then. We shall see. Until next time.

Rubber side down,

Big E

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