Friday, March 16, 2012

The New Kits Are Here!

Kurt's little girl modeling...
So the new kits are finally in. And all said and told they look pretty damn cool.

Lewis, Mark and Jim rocking the new colors.

The blue is pretty blue. The design is tight and so are the bibs...

Between the Cap and Velo is my grand canyon.

Not as in bitchin'. But more in a if I bend over into an aero tuck position I'll be showing everyone the crack at half moon bay.

On the plus side my better half told me that if I did rock the smaller bibs at a race that she would gladly come and spectate. Which I think is a compliment...
So I guess when the team store opens up again I'll have to go with the extra large bibs instead of the large. Meh, what do you do? The one's I already purchased won't go to waste at least since they should be the perfect fit for Brison.

The large jersey and vest fit fantastic. They are well made and have lovely little reflective acent features that I enjoy. It might put me a little higher on the Fred scale but I honestly didn't notice them until I took a picture. So perhaps that makes me a subconscious or closet Fred. Hmmm....

So today is also Famous Friday. And since I missed it last week and I said I would make it up to you I'm doubling up! (I'm a giver like that.)

Katy Perry wearing the proper riding attire.

Sophia Loren. Mmmm....
 Hope you all have a great weekend!

Rubber side down,

Big E


  1. I'm pretty sure that is Kat Von D in the above picture, not Katy Perry. Great looking kits!

    1. Google Katy Perry images. It's one of the first to come up.

    2. GOOGLE SHMOOGLE...who cares who she is, she's hot.