Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two For The Price Of One!

So say hello to my little friend!

My better half and I decided to get a tandem.  We've borrowed one from some friend's before and had a jolly good time on it. But the funds were always a little on the steep side. So we put the purchase off for a day in which we had said funds. And while all said funds aren't funded. Most of them are. So we decided to have fun with the funds. And what better fun can funds be than on a bicycle!? Not much fun, that's what....

 So after doing some hunting and talking to the Steve down at Scott's Cycle we decided to pull the trigger.

And me being me. I've spent pretty much every extra moment I have pouring over different tandem's on the interwebs. Along with figuring out what I'd like to change, do differently, or just plain lust after.

And the winner is....

The Cannondale Tandem 2 (Which I think is interesting because there is no Tandem 1... Maybe they skipped over one because two is better than one. At least in tandem speak.) seamed like a perfect choice. Not only because it is far and away the best value of any tandem out there. But because it's practically one of the only tandems out there. Seriously, unless you want to go with a Co-motion, Santana, Calfee, or another uber custom job. You are pretty much shit out of luck.  And those choices (While completely bitchin'.) are WAY out of our price range. Like twice as much out of our price range.  So it made my choice pretty easy.

For Cannondale's bargain basement price you get a full Ultegra groupo (Minus the cranks), White Industry disc hubs (Front and rear.), Thomson seatposts and Fizik saddles. That's pretty awesome in my book. Couple that with the fact that these are the last "Made in the USA" Cannondale's. I think that's pretty special. Call me patriotic or a retro grouch but I really like the idea of having something that was made here by a company that really knows aluminum (Or as the British say, Al-oooo-minium. Whatever that is...).

Poor aluminum has really gotten a bad rap in the carbon-crazy cycling world. And it's too bad. Sure it can be harsh. Sure it can be not as light. But if you really look into it. There are plenty of aluminum bikes and components out there that are as light or lighter than their carbon compatriots. Go ahead, check, I'll wait.... See I told you. 

So that's the big news for the day.  I'm sure everyone will get tired of my blathering on about it. But what can you do? It's my blog and I can if I wanna.

Thanks for reading!

Rubber side down,

Big E


  1. Sounds to me like you're about to become one of those "watch me and my partner kick your ass" types; and what better type to be. :-) This should kick up the average on the group rides - with Hollie steering the boat in front.

    1. No Martin. We will do our level best not to destroy the group ride. I don't need people anymore mad at me than they already are. LOL

  2. This is GREAT news! We are happy for you and your "new addition";) Now you'll be ready for the NWTR being hosted in Salem June 29-July 2! Will you be riding the Aufderheide on the tandem? Mark and I will be! So exciting!!!

    1. We will be doing the NWTR for sure. As far as the Aufderheide goes I don't know. That's a lot of climbing for a tandem and I'm not sure Hollie can tow my big butt all the way up the mountain. But we will gladly try and hang on for dear life behind you guys on the descent! :)