Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm Going Off The Rails On The Sick Train

So basically these last two days I've been trying my level best NOT to get sick. And I've met it with mediocre success. I don't feel like I'm on deaths door. But I don't feel great either. Meh, what do you do?

I've been pumping so much vitamin C into myself that when I pee at night it's like having a night light in the bowl. And as soon as I flush I'm in some sort of rave party (Where are my glo sticks!?)

So hopefully this will be going away soon. But until then, it's famous Friday...

I was told by a lovely lady that there should be some for the women too. Soooo, I'll do two today. I'm all about equal opportunity.

Thanks for reading and happy Friday!

Scarlett Johansson contemplating the world.

Hunka, hunka baby...
Rubber side down,
Big E


  1. nice idea..thanks for sharing....

  2. Hope you don't really get sick. Try tequila, limes, and some honey. Forget that crap that makes you glow in the dark.

    1. I like that idea Martin! If nothing else I should sleep well. :)