Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brison's Black Rock Flow Cup Win!

Number 3947 is Brison. In his category his closest guy was 10 sec. down.

Please allow me to brag on one of my boy's accomplishments this last weekend. Brison did his first downhill (DH) mountain bike race at Black Rock in Falls City this last Sunday. It was the first race in the Flow Cup Series.

All the guys loading up on the shuttle.
Mountain biking is something that Brison loves to do. I think he likes to ride and race his road bike. But he loves to ride his mountain bike. Especially freeride/downhill stuff. So when the opportunity came along for him to participate in a race on his home course (Black Rock is the closest freeride centric tail system in the area. But he's only been there a hand full of times.) he really wanted to do it. And I really wanted to be there.

Waiting between runs.
His Mom went up with him on the practice day on Saturday. As I had predicted earlier, she was scared out of her mind. Not only at watching Brison fly down the mountain and over jumps. But at everyone else doing the same. I think my favorite quote from her is, "Does your mother know that you are doing this!? Because I don't think she does..." To funny.

Anyway, the race consisted of two timed runs and then they take your best one as your score. There are several different categories. Pro, Cat 1, 2, 3, Women's and Hardtail. By the way , I need to give a shout out to the hardtail guys. One in particular flew down the course at a pace that I would have let loose in my pants if I didn't have suspension. 

The phrase take your brain out, put your helmet on and go really fast comes to my mind every time I see one of these guys go down the hill.

Everyone waiting for the results.
They weird part with DH racing is there is about 10 seconds of real intense viewing as they go by and then nothing... And then 10 seconds, and nothing... It's an old spectacle to watch.
But both times I saw Brison go down he looked great. To my eye's every bit as fast as half the guys there. I mean the Pro's were on a different level but everyone else seemed to my eye's pretty similar.

Once the two runs were complete it took a long time to get the numbers up on the board. I don't know if there was a problem with the tally. Or perhaps some names got rearranged. But what ever the reason it took about an hour and half to get the results up. Which for the guy's racing it wasn't a big deal because they would just take advantage of the shuttle and make a few more runs down the mountain for shits and giggles. But for a pour spectator like me it made kind of a long day. But I kept myself amused with watching the "4 Monkeys" try and figure out how to post the results on the board.

Once everything had been sorted out on the leader board it still took me a while figure out where Brison was in all of it because they just had their numbers up there and no names. But once I correlated (I.e. found Brison and looked what his number was. LOL) the two I was thrilled to see he whooped up on them!

Everyones final score.
He beat his closest competitor by 10 seconds! And during his best run he fell. So Lord only knows where he would have ended up had he not. But I was happy as a puppy with two peters! Just awesome.

He's already made plans to do the next race there that's on June 19th. So we'll how his skills and speed improve with each race.

I'm so excited for him. To cool! :)

Rubber side down,

Big E

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  1. Freaking awesome. Sounds like somebody has been a pretty good influence.