Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Strawberry Century

Before I get into the wonderful time that was had by all at the Strawberry Century. I wanted to take a minute to talk about Jim Henry's Funeral that took place on Sunday.

It was a lovely acknowledgment to a man who obviously meant a lot to many people.

Some of the Scott's group as well as the Capitol Velo team rode their bikes to the funeral. Which I thought was a nice tribute to him. As well, I would like to recognize both Phil and Thomas. Who staid outside to keep an eye on all the bikes during the service. That was a very nice thing to do guys. Thanks...

If the measure of a man is by the number of people that cared and loved them. Then Jim Henry was as big as the all outdoors. He will be greatly missed.

RIP Jim....

All the photos were stolen... Er, ah, borrowed, from Martin. And were taken by his lovely daughter Xochitl. Thank you!

The annual Strawberry Century event ride was held in Lebanon this last Saturday. And to be honest it's one of my favorite rides of the year. Not only because it gets me out in some areas of the valley that I don't get into very often (If only this one time of year.).  But it's the scenery and the roads themselves that make this ride exceptional.

Hollie looking gorgeous as always. Don't be jealous...

I think there is maybe 4 blocks worth of bad road on the whole ride (I should specify that our group went on the fifty five mile version. Not the hundred. And while it's beautiful too. It's more mileage than any of us cared to do.). All the rest is a butter smooth tarmac that curves and swoops around the countryside like a lovely ribbon. Just couldn't ask for nicer.

Then there is the scenery. If I were to take a snippet of what Oregon is to me.  This ride would probably be a third of the footage. It lets people see a lovely part of the rural valley that can only be accessed by getting off the major highways and freeways. There are fields, streams, lakes, rivers, a couple small waterfalls, and beautiful old farms.

We started our ride fairly early so we never really saw a vast majority of the crowds. Which is nice. It's a double edged sword on a lot of event rides. Because a lot of them are charity based it's nice to see a large participation. But on the other hand it's no fun passing a row of Fred's as far as the eye could see. But timing is everything. And earlier seems to work better for dodging the crowds.

Me doing my level best to suck in the gut...

The weather was good. It was maybe a little cool starting out but once we got moving I was shedding layers at a pretty consistent rate for the whole ride. The wind didn't blow hard until the last ten miles or so ( I was thinking about the 75-100 mile riders having to go out in the flats by the freeway. I imagine it got pretty blustery out there. Poor bastards...). So it was pretty pleasant in that respect.

All said and told a blissfully uneventful ride. Just enjoyed the company, scenery, and the whirring sound of bicycle tires on dry pavement.

I think J's expression pretty much sums it up.

It was just lovely...

Rubber side down,

Big E

PS~ Adam and I are headed down to the Twilight Crit series tonight. To hone our ninja like skills. News of that shall be tomorrow. You've been warned.


  1. Earl,

    A fantastic blog, as always. Loved hearing about the service for Jim. Thank you for sharing.

    You are awesome as always!


  2. Thanks for the blog Earl. I agree, one of the prettier rides of the year.