Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pringle Creek Race Report: Fall Down, Go Boom

Showing off my "good side" after the crash.
This was a big race for me. I didn't really say it before I guess because I'm superstitious. I didn't want to jinx myself (See how well that worked out?). But this race was one of my main goals of the year. I've been trying to peak for this. And all in all I think I was pretty successful (Until the end.) in that. I wasn't ever out of the top ten. I was shadowing the three guys that I thought were a threat (One of them won. The other got second. I don't know where the other one was. So I guess my instincts were right.)
And then it happened....

Coming into the final lap I was fifth wheel. Exactly where I wanted to be. On the guy who ended up seconds wheel. Waiting and biding my time.

There is 180 degree corner on the course that's off camber. And almost every lap I would hear guys clipping a pedal on the inside as the tried to keep going. So I knew that was a dangerous spot. But I got through that with out any problems. I was following the wheel of the guy in front of me as he was setting up to bank the next corner when a guy came on the outside (left) of me and, without looking, darted across the front of me. Knocking my front wheel out in the process.

I landed straight on my left ass cheek. Then, with the inertia I rolled forward onto my left shoulder, elbow and head. Creating a perfect tripod as I skittered to a stop.

The cleaning process.
Now I must take a moment to apologize to any women or small children who where around me at that moment. Because the constant flow of profanity that came out of my mouth for a solid 10 to 20 seconds would have made a long shore man blush. It just pouring out of me like someone speaking in tongues. It was pretty impressive. Even by my standards. So if you were there. "I'm sorry."

Anyway, on with the story.

When I got done with my vocal performance. Steve was already out of the mechanic car and was checking my bike. He made sure it could roll. Got the chain back on. Then asked if I was ready to go. I knew I wasn't badly hurt (I.E. broken bones, that sort of thing.) So I got up. Steve gave me a push and I rounded the next corner.

Scrubbing my knee.
As I did that I saw one of my teammates waiting, looking back. It was Thomas. There are moments in a person's life that mean a lot. This was one of them for me. Thanks Thomas....
As I rode up to him, he asked if I was alright. And I said, NO. Not so much that I was hurt physically. But I was PISSED! I was out for blood. Had that guy been there right at that moment. Or even been tangled up with me in the crash. I would have thrown down right then. I've only been to that point a couple times in my life. It's a place I don't really like to go. But I was definitely there.

Another lovely patch.
As we finished up I saw Hollie and some friends on the road side looking at me. I rolled up to them and really started to access the damage.
My ass cheek was hanging out of my skinsuit. The shoulder of it was shredded too. My helmet was cracked in several places. And the plastic had burned off where it had made contact with the ground (A great reason to wear one. I wouldn't look good with a trashed noggin). My gloves were torn in a couple spots. But my hands were okay.

As I was there. The guy who crashed me rolled up. And he apologized up and down. Said he felt really bad and hoped I was okay. Well that kind of deflated my rage. I knew even at the moment that the crash happened it wasn't on purpose (I would have seriously jumped into his shit if I even remotely thought he did it on purpose.). And after all it is a race. Wrecking is just a price you pay to play. That's the bottom line.  So I accepted his apology and shook his hand.

After the initial adrenaline rush came down. I was starting to hurt so I headed over to the medic tent to get checked out. I got set up with the "deluxe" road rash kit.

I then went and collected my stuff and went to the car where Hollie was waiting for me.

Thanks for reading.

Rubber side down (And I mean it, damn it!)

Big E


  1. Sheesh, glad to hear you are ok and healing Earl! You'll get 'em next time!

  2. I felt your emotional pain from the eerie moan that exited your whole body. I wanted to continue on, and finish proud but I was deflated. We were positioned so nicely too. Next time...

  3. ...get your paws off of it. Don't pick at it. :)